Z Energy wins Employee Engagement Awards

We were thrilled to submit one of our favorite clients, Z Energy, to the inaugural ANZ Employee Engagement Awards and to see them take out the overall award!

As well as a heap of other great stats, Z Energy saw these results:

  • Engagement organization-wide rose to 78%
  • Became the #1 most preferred brand in the industry
  • +34% NPS increase (above industry average)

You can check out the case study and see exactly how Z Energy achieved all this plus more.

Fuel50 and the focus on supporting our leaders to have more meaningful career conversations has helped us to achieve extraordinary results through our people, both with employee engagement and hardcore commercial outcomes.
Mike Bennetts, CEO of Z Energy

We can show you how Fuel50 can directly impact your organization, and just how easy it can be to achieve incredible metrics just like Z Energy! If you’d like to see how, we’d love to hear from you.

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