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Article published on Insights Success, October 2017

“I guess it’s not working for me here anymore. I am going to find something else,” is a distinct resonance of an exasperated employee. And when he finds a better job than the one he has, the first thing he’d do is slide out the door without causing any fuss, which displays an invisible, impervious wall – between what employees would like to assert and what the leadership team can stand to hear.

‘To retain or not to retain?’ is straight outta discussion. If an organization wants to escalate the productivity and subsequently the revenue, then it needs to reduce the recruitment cost and utilize it on the retention policy and talent management system. Advocating the same and helping organizations retain their employees, Fuel50 entered the market in 2011. Within its six year of existence, the firm has already established itself as leading and award-winning career pathing software that delivers engagement and retention impact to employees in companies like Citigroup, eBay, Texas Health, and Ingersoll Rand.

For more than past two decades, the primary method of talent management technology has been ‘process automation tools’Anne Fulton,  a serial entrepreneur, organizational psychologist and recognized talent management expert – knew there had to be a better way. Recognizing that increasing need for the better way, she along with Jo Mills,  a domain expert in career engagement and Development – started Fuel50.

We got an opportunity to speak with Anne about the journey she has been through so far. In an interview with Insights Success, Anne gave some thought-provoking insights about the company and the industry. Here is a piece of interview of Louis with Insights Success…

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