Understanding Values

Understanding Values
The fastest way to build employee engagement

Many companies we work with will have espoused values on the wall that their employees MAY or MAY NOT be able to recite accurately. However, if we were to ask via a survey what values the company actually lives by day-to-day we may get a completely different story.

Is it really possible to have true values alignment at work?

Loving your work has got to be about having some values alignment at work. If you really value Fun, Laughter and Results, and if your manager knows this it doesn’t take much to actually bring these values to life at work.

As a manager, if you can get insight into the values of each of your employees, you will have the key to motivating and engaging that employee. Ask your employees: what are the three most important things to them at work, and then create a plan to let your employee live those values at work.

Regularly checking in with your employees as to what is most important to them at work and how these values are being satisfied can be the fastest way to motivating that employee.

Quick thought provoker:

  • Think of 3 companies you admire and jot their names down on one side of a sheet of paper
  • Next to each of the companies note down the brand values that this company represents to you
  • Now do the same for your own company – what values do you think your business represents
  • Finally, think about your personal values (or trial our FuelValues exercise) – how do these align with those of your business. Are there any overlapping points?
Values alignment at work enables us to feel more satisfied and fulfilled at work.

According to Daniel Pink a sense of purpose at work will be more motivational than money. A sense of shared purpose will align people more effectively than dollar rewards and think of the discretionary effort that is delivered when you have purpose alignment at work.

David Packard, cofounder of Hewlett Packard said in 1939 “we inevitably come to the conclusion that a group of people come together and exist as an institution that we call a company so that they are able to accomplish something collectively that they could not accomplish separately – they make a contribution to society, a phrase which sounds trite but which is fundamental”.

Supporting your managers to have conversations with their team around the alignment between individual and organisational goals will have multiple pay-offs:

  • Managers will understand what motivates each team member
  • Team members will understand where their colleagues are coming from and know where they will be most motivated to contribute added value to the team, whether it is by being the person adding fun and humour, or the person doing the support & appreciation by bringing in the baking – it can all add value to team performance and harmony in the long run
  • If each team member has a sense of how their personal values align with those of the organisation, there is a stronger sense of cohesion and purpose.

When there is purpose alignment in a team there will be real power in the collective effort, which will mean that more will be achieved. There is real benefit in taking time to understand individual and collective values at work.

In our experience, it will be very rare, if not impossible for someone not to have at least one area of alignment with the team and organisations’ values. If you can find out what those hidden values are within your team or organisation then you get access to untapped potential and productivity.

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