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If the image above didn’t give it away enough, we had a rather ‘SUPER’ time at this years’ HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas.

Talking Talent Management with InfluenceHR

Beginning the week with a bang, Fuel50’s Anne Fulton (CEO) was a panelist at InfluenceHR. This event, also held at The Venetian made for a fabulous way to set the scene of the current HR landscape and market before HRTech kicked off. The Future of Integrated Talent Management panel moderated by Lance Haun (Practice Director of The Starr Conspiracy) featured Phil Stewart (CEO of Engage2Excel) and Jason Lauritsen (Author of JasonLauritsen.com) alongside Anne. The combined expertise of this group provided excellent sound bites for all attendees to take away.

“The talent matrix needs to be re-thought, it needs to be performance with passion”

Anne Fulton
InfluenceHR: The Future of Integrated Talent Management panel
InfluenceHR: The Future of Integrated Talent Management panel
Photo by Engage2Excel

‘Talent management’ is a category at a crossroads, in fact, as Anne pointed out we should re-think the term altogether, instead ‘talent enablement’ is more fitting in todays world of work. There was a lot covered during this session leaving HR professionals with many objectives, including to make sure they are in the performance enablement business and to own succession planning.

Let the transformation at Booth 306 begin

While Anne was doing what she does best on stage, some of the Fuellie heroes were in full force working diligently behind the scenes to transform our booth. Instantly playing the superhero part, Anthony saved the day tracking down a slightly AWOL delivery, much to the NZ marketing teams’ relief. The result, that garnered plenty of compliments, looked incredible and undeniably spread the message to be the career transformation superhero for your business.

Unleashing the superpowers of all – how we do it.

There’s no denying the team had a blast on the stand and thrived off getting attendees involved in the interactive elements (photo evidence below). It was particularly rewarding though witnessing how the strong branding contributed to generating valuable conversations. We were delighted to share all of the arsenal packed within the Fuel50 platform with everyone on the expo floor. As usual, there was a fantastic turnout to the event and it was great to see and connect with many of our existing clients such as Walmart and the Mastercard team.

The biggest highlight though was demonstrating the BRAND SPANKING NEW Career Journeys with the HRTech crowd who had the very first look into this new feature. This new, simple to use, addition uses very sophisticated machine learning to drive fast path analysis. This is next level and was a hit, making us, clients and prospects all equally excited by the potential of this to evolve entire workforces and allow employees to become true superheroes of their own career path.

What's your Super Power?

Throughout the week we encouraged everyone to think about what their super power is. That being said, what is your super power? The FuelFactors™ tools can help narrow this down in individuals by highlighting values, talents and passions, all of which are solid indicators of where their strengths lie and what matters most to them. If you’re stuck, looking to colleagues can also be very telling, receiving peer feedback on talents (FuelFeedback™ would be beneficial here) can help pinpoint your special power and where you specifically excel.

Superpowers represent an innate belief in one’s abilities that is recognized not only by oneself but by others.

And therein lies the power of superpowers. It’s an internal confidence surrounded by an external support system that seeks out this person when their superpower or strength is needed. Talk about employee engagement and feeling valued!”

Rubi Ho via Forbes

Being able to unleash your super powers can ensure you are bringing these to your job every day, making work more meaningful for you. What’s more, best-in-class organizations see genuine results and increased employee experience when they focus on and develop peoples’ strengths at work.

There’s no escaping AI

This was one of the BIGGEST buzzwords and themes this year at HRTech. Just as Google used to be an unknown and a bit of a mystery, artificial intelligence is now common place and a mainstay. We noticed a big shift in focus among other vendors adopting this. Within the Fuel50 platform we are proud of the AI and machine learning within the user experience. But what we love most is that it’s not obvious to the naked eye – from where the user stands results are presented as if by magic.

During their outstanding session, Anne Fulton and Shreya Nidadavolu (Career & Team Growth Specialist at Indeed) discussed The uberization of the workforce and how to traverse the talent chasm that it has created. Workforce needs are changing, in fact, executives predict at least 1 in 5 roles in organization will cease to exist by 2022…but only 55% of HR leaders are confident in their company’s ability to re-skill displaced workers (Mercer – Talent Trends, 2018). Shreya shared the agile process that Indeed have adapted to successfully create a culture of career development, future-proofing their talent and organization. Technology is a key driver in how they think about their talent, ultimately everything goes back to one of their biggest philosophies: we care about what you care about.

HRTechConf Slide

Machines and automation in HR tech does not mean no humans. It means humans and machines have to work together. #HRTechConf


While automation isn’t necessarily something to be feared, as Nigel Guenole of IBM & Goldsmiths mentioned in our latest webinar “Some jobs will be replaced, some jobs will be created but all jobs will change.”

Who will save Career City from the hands of Dr. D!?
One final event leaving our mark on HRTech

Before HR Tech officially drew to a close and it was time to depart, Fuel50 gathered a group of analysts together for our Fuel50 Shark Tank luncheon. Delicious food, engaging conversations and shared passions made for an insightful, inspiring and rewarding way to see out the week that was.

HRTechConf SharkTank
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