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Career and Learning Journeys

Last week we had a huge captive audience tune in to the Career + Learning Journeys webinar hosted in partnership with EdCast. During this web cast Josh Bersin (Global Industry Analyst) led a discussion exploring the current state of career and learning tech landscapes, where the shift is heading, and how to better prepare your organization for the future. Listeners were even treated to a glimpse of the insights found in his very latest research, not yet released.

Josh was joined by Jo Mills (VP of Product & Client Strategy at Fuel50) and Becky Willis (VP Engagement at EdCast), where they shared what today’s career and learning experiences are really like and what we can expect for tomorrow.

These three thought leaders spilled their proven industry secrets for all attendees, but if you missed it – the recording is now available!

As expected whenever Josh is involved, this webinar was gold-dust filled. Here’s a snippet of the many takeaways you’ll walk away with.

Talent is now at crisis level

As unemployment rates are nearly at record lows, talent is now the NUMBER ONE issues for CEO’s. While many employees feared the robots would replace their jobs, automation has actually created more jobs than it’s replaced. In this digital world there’s no denying the need for technical skills, however as Josh shares, soft skills are just as rare and in demand now.

“Younger people coming out of college are becoming very, very good in the digital domain but not as good in the human domain.”

Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst
How careers have changed
Careers and learning are integral

The speed at which careers have changed has meant learning and development is now more important than ever. Careers no longer follow the linear path of yesteryear – that has gone completely. As Josh mentions your career is now your problem.

You need to think about your life as a continuous journey of leisure, work and education all the time.

Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst
While 33% of companies promote vertical career moves33%
67% now promote horizontal or project based career progression67%

Simply by listening in to the webinar you and your career will be benefiting. The more learning you can do – the better. In fact, listeners learnt that those who dedicated more than five hours a week to learning were 74% more likely to know where they want to go in their career compared to those who spent less than an hour learning. Heavier learners also tend to feel happier, more productive and successful and less stressed.

If that hasn’t convinced you to make time to learn and develop, hear it straight from the experts mouth during the recording (bonus: by doing so you’ll be one step closer to achieving career satisfaction and success)!

What else you’ll learn:

  • How teams will be operating in the future
  • Avoiding biases
  • Why you should read the Wall Street Journal
  • How to measure performance
  • Creating micro-services within the organization
  • How to put a stop to the “I just wasn’t going anywhere” response causing people to leave your company

Career + Learning Journeys Webinar

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