Josh Bersin Talent & HR Predictions 2019


As part of the ongoing release of the FuelX Learning Series™, we’re excited to promote episode two this week. Here are Josh Bersin’s “Talent & HR Predictions for 2019”, captured from the FuelX Career Experience Conference & Awards in London.

Delving into the latest trends of the global employee experience environment, this episode features keynote speaker and Global HR Industry Analyst Josh Bersin. His industry-leading insights include how to tackle current issues, navigate our way towards a millennial-filled future, and future-proof our workforce.

Firstly, one of our biggest takeaways from Josh Bersin at FuelX Career Experience Conference & Awards in London this year was this – it’s all about trust. 

In other words, building relationships on a foundation of trust is a really big thing for 2019. “People will feel good about working for you and they’ll have a much more dynamic and productive experience in your company if they feel that they can trust you.”

Secondly, technology continues to move faster than we ever anticipated. With that comes a great deal of change. However, despite growing concerns, people and human interaction remain essential and are even at the forefront of business success. 

“It’s a great time to be in HR!”

About the FuelX Learning Series™

We’ve captured the best bits from our FuelX Career Experience Conference & Awards and packaged each keynote talk for our community to enjoy! Complete with the slides from every presentation, we’ll be adding a new episode to our CareerLabs™ hub every fortnight. This will start with a dual-release from Anne Fulton‘s opening keynote “Your Future, Our Passion” (CEO & Co-Founder, Fuel50) and Josh Bersin‘s “Talent & HR Predictions 2019”. After that, episodes to follow feature that of Christine Landon (eBay), Shreya Nidadavolu (Indeed), Lynda Barton (Roche), Paul Corke (Banking Sector), and Jo Mills (Fuel50).

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