Creating Career Development Journeys at Indeed by Shreya Nidadavolu


Keynote speaker Shreya Nidadavolu (Career & Team Development Specialist at Indeed) shared some incredible insights, into what “Creating Career Development Journeys at Indeed” looks like, at FuelX in London last month. Part 4 in the FuelX Learning Series™, this episode highlights how Indeed works to continuously grow and improve employee development.

Founded in 2004, Indeed now has around 8,500 employees and works to serve customers globally, across 60 different countries and in 28 different languages.

Shreya Nidadavolu Indeed at FuelX

In 2017, Indeed transformed their leadership style from a traditional mindset, with vertical-based teams, into a product or agile philosophy.

“We took what our tech teams embody – that agile mindset of our product philosophies – and applied it into the HR world.”

By asking questions such as “What are our employees asking for?”, “What does our engagement data say?”, and “What are the immediate needs of our company and how do they break down by function, by team, by region, by culture?”, Indeed strives to understand development needs from their employees’ point of view.

The result is that Indeed has been able to incorporate new philosophies to best-suit their people’s needs. “Our philosophies are now based on iteration and understanding what’s working for our employees and making sure that we are continuously improving our products.”

Shreya Nidadavolu Indeed at FuelX

What does career development look like in your organization?
What are your employees asking for?

About the FuelX Learning Series™

We’ve captured the best bits from our FuelX Career Experience Conference & Awards and packaged each keynote talk for our amazing community to enjoy! Complete with the slides from every presentation, we’ll be adding a new episode to our CareerLabs™ hub every fortnight. Available to watch now are Anne Fulton‘s opening keynote “Your Future, Our Passion” (Fuel50), Josh Bersin‘s “Talent & HR Predictions 2019”, Christine Landon‘s “Personalised Growth for Performance Success” (eBay) and Shreya Nidadavolu‘s “Creating Career Development Journeys at Indeed” (Indeed). Episodes to follow feature Lynda Barton (Roche), Paul Corke (Lloyds Banking Group), and Jo Mills (Fuel50).

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