Personalised Growth for Performance Success by Christine Landon


Episode 3 of the FuelX Learning Series™ is here!

eBay’s Christine Landon at FuelX London 2019.

Captured live last month in London, keynote speaker Christine Landon — Senior Director of Talent & Career Development at eBay, discusses the vital role that personal growth and fulfillment play in sustaining performance success.

This episode explores how eBay has been at the forefront of workforce culture and the employee career experience, and what they’re doing to future-proof their talent strategy.

“Don’t just rely on somebody for their skill set of today. Understand where they want to go, what new skills they want to build and support them in their journey.”

Christine Landon eBay FuelX

Christine Landon reveals eBay’s approach to personalized growth and their own performance success system. She also explains how and why eBay has implemented Fuel50 as a development planning tool.

Christine Landon eBay FuelX

“Why we believe [Fuel50] helps employees is that we finally listen to what matters to them in their career journey. And we provide our managers with a starting point, because most of them have no clue as to where to begin in how to have a meaningful development conversation – they don’t know what that means.”

“There are many other parts of Fuel50 that we want to implement.”

Christine Landon eBay FuelX

To find out how Fuel50 can help you maximise performance success, get in touch!

About the FuelX Learning Series™

We’ve captured the best bits from our FuelX Career Experience Conference & Awards and packaged each keynote talk, for our amazing community to enjoy! Complete with the slides from every presentation, we’ll be adding a new episode to our CareerLabs™ hub every fortnight. Available to watch now are Anne Fulton‘s opening keynote “Your Future, Our Passion” (Fuel50), Josh Bersin‘s “Talent & HR Predictions 2019” and Christine Landon‘s “Personalised Growth for Performance Success” (eBay). Episodes to follow feature that of Shreya Nidadavolu (Indeed), Lynda Barton (Roche), Paul Corke (Lloyds Banking Group), and Jo Mills (Fuel50).

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