Forecasting for the future: Careers and skills forecasting to future-proof your workforce by Jo Mills


Jo Mills at FuelX London 2019

Featuring Jo Mills — President Product & Client Strategy, Co-Founder of Fuel50 — this brand new episode is the final instalment of our latest FuelX Learning Series™.

Over recent years, the role of HR has changed dramatically. Not only are HR teams now tasked with creating businesses that are productive for today but also, for the future.

The world of work as we know it is changing fast, too. And as a result of this, there are lots of questions in people’s minds about what’s going to happen.

Jo Mills Fuel50 at FuelX

Despite these uncertainties, as Jo highlights, there are a few constants.

A learner is always going to be in demand. Someone that’s constantly flexing and adding to their career toolkit is going to be somebody who has a future, regardless of what that future looks like.

Jo Mills Fuel50 at FuelX

In this episode, Jo Mills dives right into the Fuel50 platform and showcases a selection of the powerful tools available, including FuelPathing™, FuelGigs™ and FuelLeaders™ (otherwise known as LeaderView).

We’re showing people that they can navigate their career in lots of different ways. There’s no one right way to get somewhere — it’s all about building capability.

Jo Mills Fuel50 at FuelX

About the FuelX Learning Series™

We’ve captured the best bits from our FuelX Career Experience Conference & Awards and packaged each keynote talk for our amazing community to enjoy! Complete with the slides from every presentation, all of the episodes in this series are now available on our CareerLabs™ hub.

Featuring Anne Fulton (Fuel50), Josh Bersin (, Christine Landon (eBay), Shreya Nidadavolu (Indeed), Lynda Barton (Roche), and Paul Corke (Banking Sector) and Jo Mills (Fuel50).

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