Fuel50 Webinar Recording: The Dynamic Career Series – Career Journeys


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Last week Jo Mills, President Product and Co-Founder at Fuel50, along with Ann Ratcliff, VP Global Client Success at Fuel50, hosted our latest Fuel50 Webinar. This webinar, titled “The Dynamic Career Series: Career Journeys“, took a closer look at Career Journeys now and what you can expect going forward. Jo Mills also highlighted some key factors for how to improve the Talent Experience in your organization.

This Webinar Recording offers you a fantastic opportunity to catch up on the latest from Fuel50 and to gain insights into how to prepare for the future of work.

Fuel50 Webinar Recording Career Journeys
The Future Of Work

In recent years, the world of work has changed rapidly. Due to developments such as technological breakthroughs and new behaviors & expectations, HR professionals are now essentially asked to be futurists.

Organizations must focus on facilitating their people to learn and develop new skills, to prepare for the future of work.

Highlights include

As HR professionals, we are now tasked with taking our organizations into the future with the right capabilities to flex to whatever changes are coming our way.

As organizations, we need to be ready to adapt.

By 2020 we will have five generations in the workforce for the first time.

How do we help people be ready for what’s coming?

The concept of ‘learning is earning’ is becoming more prevalent.

Fuel50 Webinar Recording Career Journeys

Here at Fuel50, we are really passionate about the future of work. If you have any questions about the insights we’ve mentioned here, or in the webinar recording, please feel free to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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