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Employee Experience Re-Imagined by Anne Fulton

Employee Experience Re-Imagined from Barcelona’s Global Employee Experience Summit

Last week Heidi Kreuchen and I (Anne Fulton) had the privilege of attending the Employee Experience Global Summit in Barcelona. It was a great community of Talent Leaders engaged in transforming the Employee Experience across the globe. We found it a valuable learning opportunity, so much so that we thought our wider Career Learning community would also want to learn what was happening from thought leaders in this space, in Europe.

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Here are our favorite learnings, soundbites and links to the presentations shared…

Employee Experience Global Summit Ken Hubbell
“Talent Disruption is Here”

Firstly, Ken Hubbell of Wells Fargo set the scene with the bold statement “Talent Disruption is Here”. We love the word disruption because it means creative change, in equal measures. He went on to talk about the critically important imperative of preventing a skills chasm. We face the potential of having a complete underclass of ‘unemployables’ in our society, with millions of jobs and people potentially impacted by AI.

We believe that everyone in HR has a collective responsibility to ensure this does not happen. You will have seen my post a couple of weeks ago about the important work that our partner YearUp do to prevent this kind of skills gap emerging.

Ken was a former client of ours, when part of the Career Experience Transformation Project at Ingersoll Rand. They saw significant uplifts in internal talent mobility, particularly with an increase in horizontal moves and also engagement uplifts. He gave a big shout out to the Client Success team at Fuel50 who had supported this project. Thanks Ken, it means a lot to the team!

Employee Experience Global Summit Ken Hubbell

Ken Hubbell also posed the great question, “Should I tell my employers if I “AI” my job?” So if there is a smarter way of doing my job that allows me to deliver in a few hours what takes others a full working week… Should I share that with my managers?

The resounding response from the audience was “Yes”! Of course we need to find smarter ways of working, and those smart folk will continue to add more value to their business and of course be more marketable within the business as a result.

Employee Experience Global Summit Britta Heissenberger
“AI Will Not Replace People”

Britta Heissenberger of IBM had a useful counter- position by highlighting that “AI will not replace people, but that people who use AI will replace those that don’t”. This also applies at the managerial and organizational level.

Britta went on to talk about the importance of personalizing the employee experience, a topic close to our heart. We at Fuel50 believe that people-centric talent strategies will now dominate as we face the new talent economy. Now, it is all about talent leverage and talent-mining. This is opposed to the arrogant approach to talent management, which dominated last decade when we had an abundant talent supply.

Retention of talent is of critical importance. As is how you skillfully leverage the talent and capability that exists across your business. By allowing a transparent, fair and inclusive talent marketplace, where there is equal access to opportunities, gigs, projects and stretch assignments, organizations will move to more of an internal gig marketplace mentality, as opposed to the role-focused career experience that we saw in previous generations.

Employee Experience Global Summit Andrew Longley

Finally, we also loved the sporting approach to talent shared by Andrew Longley of Adidas and the Squad Pipelining methodology they are adopting to Performance Development and Coaching, which was business appropriate and a fresh, hands-on approach to thinking about your bench-strength.

Coming up…

We will be sharing the Fuel50 talent analytics and bench-strength dashboard, which will challenge the old-school 9 box at the TMA Succession Planning and Workforce Analytics Summit in Atlanta this month. It will also be featured on our webinar next month – so join our CareerLabs community to learn more.

Employee Experience Global Summit Anne Fulton Fuel50

In the meantime, you can get a glimpse of what is coming by downloading the presentation we shared at the Employee Experience Global Summit. The presentation is about creating a people-centric approach to talent. It focuses on the Democratizing the Talent Experience for the new talent economy. This is necessary to ensure an agile, skills-ready workforce for the future.

Hope you can join our Fuel50 Webinar this week!

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