Career Pathing Made Easy with Aon: Fuel50 Webinar Recording


The world of work is changing! Are you ready?

Here is our latest Fuel50 Webinar Recording on “Career Pathing Made Easy with Aon“. In case you missed it, last week Fuel50’s Marija Potter (Global Client Success Strategist) and Ann Ratcliff (VP Global Client Success) were joined by Aon’s Elise Kirtland (HR Director) and Kelly Smoots (Global Talent Manager). Together, they discussed defeating the daunting stigmas around rebuilding complex career frameworks, as well as how to adopt best practices.

Have you been faced with the challenge of implementing a career navigation solution but either don’t know where to start or feel there are too many obstacles in your way?

“Some people want direction. They don’t necessarily know where they see themselves in 5 years and they want someone to be able to guide them. Fuel50 does that just by taking what’s important to you in your career, what’s important to you in your life and helping guide people based on their responses for that.”

Kelly Smoots, Global Talent Manager at Aon
Career Pathing Fuel50 Webinar Aon

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why there is a growing trend towards giving employees better career visibility
  • The common challenges organizations face implementing career pathing
  • Through a live case study, how “Aon” overcame these issues
  • How to evolve complex, challenging frameworks into a next-gen career pathing experience
  • Ways in which your organization can overcome common blocks to increased career visibility

“Colleagues can create a career journey by selecting the targeted role that they would like to get to. They have the opportunity to assess their competencies and skills to find where the gaps are and then they can see what other roles might help get them to where they want to be. So they can actually see a career path for them.”

Kelly Smoots, Global Talent Manager at Aon

To learn more about Fuel50 and to find out how we can help you implement career pathing in your organization, book a demo today!

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