Your Top 6 Practices for a Best-in-Class Talent Experience

How to build your talent experience empire based on what actually works

You’ve seen the stats. The relatively passé engagement headlines like “your people want to quit”, “nobody is happy in your organization”, and “the world is on fire”. Being so tethered in the research and benchmarking side of these global trends, we get it. We understand the perceived fear mongering narratives that can accompany these soundbites can sometimes overwhelm and/or fall into the category of “yeah, maybe you’re right, but we’ll find a way to survive”. We get it, we understand, we can empathize – so much so, that we’d like to offer an alternative.

Today, instead of focusing on what doesn’t work and why you should start binge-watching Netflix because the obstacles ahead of you are far too great to possibly overcome, let’s look at what does actually work, based on hard data-driven insights.

So, what works?

Our findings showed organizations who were able to turn their data insights into tangible actions effectively and efficiently were able to tap into a powerful positive gain spiral that generated improved HR practices and performance, resulting in increased revenue growth per employee and overall.

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In particular, our research showed best-in-class organizations distinguished themselves on six key areas of practice:

  1. Invest in talent mobility
  2. Building an agile career development mindset
  3. Enabling careers (at all levels)
  4. Empower leaders and managers to become career champions
  5. Increase visibility of talents and career paths
  6. Build leader coaching capabilities

In turn, this allowed them to:

  • Build strong internal talent pools to meet strategic needs
  • Retain talent via higher rates of internal recruitment
  • More lateral career moves allowing employees to build career capital

Check out our updated research: Best-in-class Career Enablement – Insights to Action

It works, it’s proven, how do we start doing it?

To unlock the keys to these best practices and begin drafting your own best-in-class talent experience, our research helps you harness the power of the Career Engagement Pillars or, as we like to call them, the four C’s – communication, compatibility, capability, and contribution. These pillars apply across three depths of your business – employees, leaders, and the organization as a whole. Bringing all of this together, we have established a powerful, proven Best-in-class Career Engagement Model which delivers measurable impact and bottom-line outcomes.

See Page 7 of our Best-in-class Career Enablement - Insights to Action research for full model

See Page 7 of our Best-in-class Career Enablement – Insights to Action research for full model

Our recently updated research, Best-in-class Career Enablement – Insights to Action, dives into each of the six key areas mentioned above, their importance and how to get started.

Along with many other beautiful action-driven stories, we delve into the Activation of the 4 C’s at each level of the business, the 15 Action Points Across the 3 E’s of Engagement, How-To ‘Work Shape’, and finish with an opportunity to benchmark your organization and receive a tailored report based on your results along with a personalized list of prioritized next steps.

See Page 8 of our Best-in-class Career Enablement - Insights to Action research for all 15 actions

See Page 8 of our Best-in-class Career Enablement – Insights to Action research for all 15 actions

Yes, the stats may be frightening at times, but the stories highlighting how best-in-class organizations deliver incredible, ROI-defining talent experiences speak for themselves (check out ours here). The talent wars are real and unfulfilled careers are many, but organizations looking to do what’s best for their people are on the rise – are you one of them?

Let us help you define, draft, and create a best-in-class talent experience. We’ve got some amazing people who can make it all super easy and a pretty awesome platform that can help too (by the way, want a demo?)

Happy not-Netflix-ing!

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