Career Management Goes Mission Critical by Josh Bersin


Career Management Goes Mission Critical:
And It’s All About To Change

One of the most disruptive changes in the world of work is the new way we manage our careers. Only a few decades ago people relied on their employers for a career, and we more or less trusted our boss to help us advance over time. Today this has radically changed, giving birth to a new set of challenges, a new market of tools, and an exciting new marketplace for job seekers.

The History of Careers

As I describe in the article Catch the Wave, for many decades careers were a fairly predictable thing. If you started work as an engineer, salesperson, or designer you could expect to progress upward over time, and eventually reach a point where you made a decision between a “professional” or “managerial” track.

This all worked quite well because most companies had a steady pipeline of managerial positions in the hierarchy… so if you wanted to move into management you had plenty of opportunities.

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  • Unilever’s Work on Purpose, Career, and Mobility with Gloat
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