Review: HRD Summit Amsterdam 2019

Earlier this month, Heidi Kreuchen and Jessica Towicz attended the 2019 HRD Summit in Amsterdam!

Jessica Towicz, Career Solutions Consultant here at Fuel50, delivered an insightful session on “Democratising the Talent Experience”, with a fabulous introduction from Pedro Angulo, Head of Leadership Development at AIB.

Jessica Towicz Fuel50

This year’s HRD Summit, as MC Mark Ellis remarked, was different from previous years. The focus was clearly on the People Experience as opposed to Learning and Development process and delivery, which has previously been the underlying theme.

Here are some key highlights for you from the 2019 HRD Summit…

“Most organisations have too many corporate values”

Firstly, Erica Keswin, Author of Bring Your Human to Work, highlighted that most organisations have too many corporate values. Uber, for example, had 14 that they have now reduced to 8 with their new CEO. In fact, as few corporate values as possible is best for your people to use to direct their decision making.

“Employees are the experience”

Evelyn Doyle, HR Director, EMEA at Patagonia, spoke about Conscious Leadership and offered an insight into The Patagonia Perspective.

Patagonia’s mission statement is “We’re in business to save our home planet”. As an organisation, they are constantly asking how they can cause less harm while running a profitable business. One example of how this mission statement has created change was Patagonia’s decision to switch to sustainable cotton for all clothing manufacture. They even have resident Philosophers to design responsible workplace philosophies and spread a culture of Curiosity & Growth!

“HR need to provide analytical evidence…”

And lastly, Esther Bongenaar, VP HR Data & Analytics at Shell, discussed ‘What does the Business need from HR to drive the Strategic Vision’. Esther made the point that HR need to provide analytical evidence to support their traditional dependence on intuition, experience & beliefs.

All in all, it was a brilliant couple of days full of insights and great thought-leadership. We hope you enjoyed reading our key highlights from the 2019 HRD Summit and look forward to seeing you there next year!

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