Career Pathing: A Note From Our CTO Peter Waring

What is Career Pathing and how does it work?

Peter Waring, Chief Technology Officer at Fuel50, talks about the ins and outs of career pathing and how it’s affecting the world around us.

Peter takes us through the journey of an employee and shares why career pathing is so vital in today’s career climate. He talks about why people tend to look outside for opportunities rather than in, the importance of data, what algorithms have to do with it and all the juicy details of how we, at Fuel50, help people get their dream jobs.

In this article

  1. The business case for career pathing
  2. Why do people leave their jobs?
  3. Getting started with career pathing
  4. Why most career pathing platforms fail
  5. How does true career pathing work?
  6. Summary

The devil’s in the details when you are picking a Pathing solution.

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