HR Tech 2019: Key Takeaways From This Year’s Conference


Another year, another fantastic conference! Hailed as “the industry’s annual meeting”, this year’s HR Tech 2019 certainly did not disappoint. Featuring respected thought leaders such as Josh Bersin, Jason Averbrook, and John Sumser, there were some brilliant insights shared.

Here are our key takeaways from Josh Bersin’s keynote at HR Tech 2019 …

We learnt from Josh that 59% of people fear not having the skills required to get a good paying job in the future, and a further 55% are anxious that automation is going to take their job. At Fuel50, we know that Skills Anxiety is a two-way street and that employers are also anxious that they may not have the skills required to map to the future needs of their business.

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“Human” skills

However, while employees are fearful of the future, we also know that the “human” skills are in high demand. We all know that feeling of hunger to speak to a real person as we go through endless automated phone options, and then the relief that we feel when we finally get through all the automation to speak to someone.

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We learnt from PwC that soft skills are in fact more in demand than ever, including skills of Influence, Collaboration, Creativity and Time Management.

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Josh Bersin raised the issue of the overwhelmed employee at work and spoke about how we need to be helping employees to manage their time and workloads effectively.

According to Josh Bersin, CEOs want more out of people…

“Curiosity” is becoming a competency, and that means being more curious about your business and your customer’s problems.

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We know, from our Career Agility and Engagement Research, that 75% of employees are willing to use their own time to further their skills and learning when given proper career guidance tools by their employers.

“Learn it all, not know it all,” is now Microsoft’s cultural mandate.

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Moving on from the career experience demands from organizations and employees, Josh Bersin also provided a review of the emerging HR Tech Landscape in response to these rapidly changing business demands.

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The Employee Experience

The biggest change in the HR Tech marketplace is “The Employee Experience”… and every vendor is engaged in this.

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At Fuel50, our higher purpose is to give employees real control over their careers, where they can drive their future and market their talents to the business in a way that creates equality and a level playing field. This is known as a democratized employee experience.

So Career Pathing is one of the fastest-growing areas for HR Tech. Employees are demanding visibility to future opportunities, so they can see their future. Plus, we know that Career Pathing can lead to improved employee retention rates.

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Will there be a market for tools based on the Employee Experience and design? I think there will be. It’s pretty clear we need this, (and) it’s going to be a significant market.

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