Josh Bersin at FuelX New York: “The Best Employee Experience Brings Them to the Right Job”

Every time Josh Bersin speaks, you get an interesting new insight into the world of work.

That was true earlier this month when Josh was a keynote speaker at the annual HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas, and it was equally true when he kicked off the FuelX New York conference and talked about “The Changed World of Work.”

Here are a few of his key insights:
  • “Careers and growth are one of the most important things for companies to address … it’s about finding the right role for everyone in the company.”
  • “You must manage your company constantly to develop the skills you will need in the future … because hiring isn’t just difficult, it’s also expensive.”
  • “Individuals need to have the opportunity to find roles best for them. Management needs to help with that.”
  • “What matters most to people? It’s meaningful work.”
  • “When it comes to the employee experience, we need to do things FOR employees, not TO employees.”
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Josh Bersin kept making this point over and over in all sorts of different ways, but it all came down to this: organizations need to know that people are the most important ingredient in their ultimate success. And, helping people to manage what is most important to them — their skills growth and longer term career path — will be the big difference for companies who want to retain their best people and help to grow their skills to drive organizational success.

So, how can companies do this?

Well, as Josh made clear earlier this month at HR Tech in Las Vegas, “People are very concerned about their jobs and careers … and 26 percent are disengaged.” What you hear from your workforce are employees who say “What am I going to learn (in this job) … How is this going to help my career?” And he added this for the FuelX New York audience:

Work is now done through relationships … and Fuel50 is the first system to facilitate the managing of roles and tools in teams.

He went on to add that, “Fuel50 has created a space we all needed but didn’t know how to get to … and it is essential to all organizations … Fuel50 career management is the kind of stuff that pays off that you MUST have.”

Today’s employees have made it clear — they want to know where their career is going and how they are going to get there. And, they want their organizations to show them what they have in store for them that helps facilitate all of that.

The best employee experience, Josh Bersin notes, brings them to the right job — and that is at the core of what Fuel50 is all about.

Josh Bersin at FuelX New York

We’ve captured the best bits from our FuelX Career Experience Conference in New York and packaged each keynote talk for our amazing community to enjoy!

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Josh Bersin FuelX New York Fuel50
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