Watch: The Ericsson Career Experience Story

We are delighted to share with you the latest episode in our FuelX+ Learning Series. It was an absolute pleasure to speak with Ericsson’s Gary O’Connor, VP, Head of Learning, Robyn Hilse, Learning Partner, and Kelly Marcotte, Learning Partner, about the beautiful solution they have created to support Ericsson employees to own and develop their own careers.

Gary explains how Ericsson’s ‘Design Your Future’ Program came to be, “We assessed many career management platforms on different aspects between employee engagement, employee satisfaction, the employee specifically around the experience and we decided then, once that evaluation period was finished, that we wanted to do a pilot in North America with Fuel50.”

Ericsson Career Experience Fuel50

“We wanted to stress that we have an open talent market. When positions become open, everyone is available to apply for any position that they want to.”

 Gary O’Connor, VP, Head of Learning at Ericsson

Ericsson’s employees are now provided with visible career pathways and a clear line of sight to opportunities within their organization. Plus, Ericsson’s leaders now have access to resources to enable meaningful career conversations and support their people’s individual career goals. “We want to see an increase in our employee engagement scores, specifically around career growth and development. We’re really looking forward to seeing what our next step is with Fuel50.”

Gary adds, “I think that this pandemic has made me realize the empathy that I need, as a leader, to support my team and to support the business. Realities for people have changed, working conditions have changed, priorities have changed. I think this is going to be a big marker for individuals, especially when it comes to their careers.”

We hope you enjoy watching this impactful FuelX+ learning conversation with Ericsson and look forward to sharing more with you!

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