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We are super excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Talent Experience Podcast series! The TalentX Podcast is all about the future of work. Fueled by a passion for creating best-in-class career experiences, and featuring leading HR analysts, industry experts and best-in-class people leaders, TalentX shines the spotlight on future-focused HR trends, workforce agility, and future-proofing the employee experience.

Tune in to learn more from key thought-leaders in the talent space as they share how to lead the way in today’s career climate.

TalentX Podcast Tim Sackett Fuel50
TalentX Podcast Tim Sackett Fuel50

Episode 1 – Tim Sackett

Tim Sackett joins host Rhonda Taylor for a dynamic discussion that centres around how organizations and HR professionals can navigate the current crisis and make it through to the other side stronger than before.

TalentX Podcast Jeanne Meister Fuel50

Episode 2 – Jeanne Meister

Jeanne Meister is a workplace visionary and activist driving her clients to think differently about work, the future workplace and the future workforce. Jeanne discusses with host John Hollon the impact of Coronavirus on how we work, learn and communicate.

TalentX Podcast John Sumser Fuel50

Episode 3 – John Sumser

John Sumser joins host Rhonda Taylor to tackle the hard stuff – employees’ fears, emotions, layoffs, and the difficulties many have experienced with remote work. John dives into what the physical return to the office might look like and how we can help employees feel safe about doing so.

These powerful discussions feature key research, insights, experiences and successes in delivering better work experiences, and tales of creating future-proofed workforces. TalentX is committed to delivering authentic conversations around employee engagement, skills development, talent retention, career mobility, AI, workforce agility, meaningful work and more.

We hope you enjoy listening to The TalentX Podcast and look forward to sharing more episodes with you!

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