Josh Bersin Interviews AIB: Reimagining the Career Model


We had the privilege of hosting a FuelX+ learning conversation with Josh Bersin, Global HR Industry Analyst, and Brigin Walsh, Head of Strategic People Change at Allied Irish Banks (AIB). Together they unpacked the journey of re-imagining the career model at AIB, a leading financial services group operating predominantly in the Republic of Ireland and the UK.

“When we needed to transform, we needed to do it very quickly and it was very dramatic”, Brigin explained. “There has been a huge amount of change in the organization over the last 10 years. In some instances, there is a bit of change fatigue within the organization so we do have to be careful in how we position new things. That’s why I think we really tried to ground the work that we were doing on career structure into that journey, rather than it feeling like a standalone.”

Josh Bersin Interviews AIB FuelX Plus

“Giving people a better career experience has helped us to retain and attract talent, has enabled our people leaders to have better career conversations and give better feedback – to be more honest and transparent – and has helped us to be more flexible to align to the strategy of the organization.

 Brigin Walsh, Head of Strategic People Change at AIB

AIB now have a beautiful data infrastructure and capability assessment mentality and culture that they can use to respond to our current times. As Brigin put it, “The data is going to be really helpful and we’re having those discussions now to really try and support our leaders in terms of what we can help them with. What we’ve learnt is that there’s great appetite. People have taken to the system really well.”

We hope you enjoy watching this insightful FuelX+ learning conversation featuring Josh Bersin and Brigin Walsh (AIB), and look forward to sharing more with you!

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