Global Talent Trends 2020: A Webinar Discussion with Mercer


This week, we were absolutely delighted to host an in-depth discussion with Kate Bravery, Global Solutions Leader at Mercer, to unpack some of the outstanding research featured in the latest Mercer Global Talent Trends Report.

As we face new challenges that we haven’t faced in the past, we have an opportunity now to start to REVIEW where we’ve been and where we’re heading, REFRESH some of the priorities that we had in light of the new world that we see, and to REDIRECT efforts into the areas that we think will enable our businesses and our societies to thrive.

The shape of work is shifting in front of our eyes. If we are going to create those dynamic and fluid career paths, we might need to look beyond opportunities that sit within our organization – to our suppliers, to our customers – and start creating opportunities outside our traditional models. We need to embrace technology that can enable us to have not just a view on current skills, but also aspirations. And we need to enable internal and external talent sharing. I think this is heralding a new age of fluidity.
Kate Bravery, Global Solutions Leader at Mercer

Business and HR Leaders have a chance now to make some significant changes, despite the current challenges:

  1. Make fluid and socially responsible workforce models happen.
  2. Cultivate a culture of trust and transparency, those who do will be the ones embracing key talent.
  3. Shift to success metrics that support human, not technology, adoption when measuring transformation.
  4. Build skills taxonomies that are broader, more flexible, and not beholden to rigid job structures.
  5. Embrace skills-based talent management design.

I think there has been a shift in the employee experience, from the workplace and the environment, in that we’re all having to remote work and all of a sudden the digitalized employee experience is absolutely vital and critical in how we’re connecting with one another. Digital enablement has reached its moment in time. Our view is that the best organizations are still doing that with empathy and the human touch, or what we are calling the human quotient. It has to be inclusive and transparent and two-way communication.
Anne Fulton, Career Futurist, Author & Co-Founder of Fuel50

Empathy is the key to success. In fact, according to Mercer’s findings, “Employees are 7x more likely to work for an organization that they describe as very empathetic to individuals’ needs in decision making”. An empathetic response has absolutely moved front and center and it permeates everything we need to be doing right now.

We hope you enjoy watching this insightful webinar recording and look forward to sharing more learning with you!

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