LISTEN: Morgo Podcasts with Anne Fulton, Fuel50


Fuel50 CEO, Anne Fulton was a guest on Morgo Podcasts where she shared her story and experience of building a high growth global tech company from New Zealand. From the origins of Fuel50 to the growth journey and what lies ahead; Anne shares how we are coming out the other side of the pandemic fitter, faster, and stronger.

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Listen in to hear:

  • Why Fuel50 began
  • How to get the first big customers
  • Building the team and business growth
  • How Fuel50 pivoted fast in light of Covid-19
  • Where to invest money and efforts
  • Anne’s own strengths and weaknesses

We’ve got this power team who work hard with grit and grind and grafting to help power this boat ahead of the competition.

– Anne Fulton, CEO, Fuel50

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