Transform your Career Architecture into Workforce Agility


Frameworks are old, clunky and outdated. We’ve unlocked the door to robust workforce agility through transformative career architecture design and a revolutionized approach to capabilities and talent.

We simply can’t deny the endless flood of skill taxonomies in the HR tech marketplace today. We are reading, seeing and hearing about them every day – Which is the best? Which is most reliable? Which is most current? It’s no wonder so many of us in HR are left feeling overwhelmed!

We hear you. Fuel50 has spent the last few years helping organizations with their career architectures, using some of the world’s most comprehensive skill-capabilities frameworks. But, we’ve learnt that having access to trending skills aligned to job roles simply isn’t enough to achieve true workforce agility.

In our recent webinar with Josh Bersin we discussed the “Three Models for Talent Mobility” – Planned vs Facilitated vs Agile – with the Agile model being on-demand and talent-based, gig and opportunity-oriented, and overall the “gold standard” as our organizations evolve in a post-pandemic era. But here, workforce transformation, readiness and transition plays a huge part in how we actually “get agile”.

Workforce Agility Career Architecture Fuel50

Fuel50 has developed a robust architecture framework that is validated on 5 levels – market-data, experts, users, workforce, and AI – but also spans across all 3 Talent Mobility Models. We’re calling this our “Digitized Capability Architecture”. It not only supports each Model, but helps you move between them easily, future-proofs your architecture, and helps you achieve true workforce agility.

Fuel50’s super powerful AI is also mapping organization data against all roles we have ever created, mapped, or used across the globe, across all industries and clients, meaning this could power some of the world’s most agile architectures to date!

Workforce Agility Career Architecture Fuel50

Fuel50 has come up with a solution to many of your career architecture issues. We’ve designed an Agile Architecture Blueprint that ensures our clients don’t solely focus on reproducing the world’s best Customer Service Agent, Developer, or Financial Analyst. Instead, this Blueprint enables them to develop the world’s best Customer Service Agent, Developer, or Financial Analyst in-house.
– Marija Potter, Global Director of Consulting Services at Fuel50

Organizations can now achieve excellence beyond the traditional approach to career architecture, whilst supporting their people on their individual career journeys. We’re combining our deep domain expertise and behavioral science to drive workforce and talent agility in a unique, forward-thinking way that not only delivers results now, but future-proofs your organization’s framework once and for all.

Contact us to find out more about workforce transformation and how we can help you. We can’t wait to show you our cool new AI-driven, truly agile and ultra-validated approach. Gone are the days of dusty ol’ taxonomy frameworks – the future is here.

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