New Global Skills & Capabilities for HR to Thrive Amid Pandemic


Anne Fulton, CEO and Founder of Fuel50, joined Jeanne Meister, Managing Partner of Future Workplace, for a Future Workplace Webinar to discuss how HR can thrive amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Future of work trends have been accelerated and the future is here now, as a result of the pandemic. We are now seeing new roles and capabilities trending for HR and Talent Leaders globally, such as leveraging artificial intelligence for HR, focusing on the health and wellbeing of workers, increasing your organization’s commitment to Gig Workers, and leading the digital transformation of HR.

Tune in to watch Anne Fulton and Jeanne Meister present an engaging discussion around the latest global HR skills & capabilities trends and how these will impact you, your team and organization.

In this webinar recording, Anne Fulton and Jeanne Meister highlight:

  • Five Ways HR is Using Covid-19 to Accelerate the Future of Work
  • New HR Capabilities Uncovered in the Fuel50 Capability Trends Report
  • New HR Job of the Future on the Horizon

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Insights from the Fuel50 Pandemic Era Global Trending Skills and Capabilities research paper and how you can prepare yourself and your organization for this new era.
  • New HR jobs of the future that are more important than ever such as Work from Home Facilitator and Director of Wellbeing as HR leaders and their teams navigate the future of the workplace.
  • How organizations are leading with empathy and energizing the employee experience to deal with employee burnout as workers are juggling remote work, physical distancing, and quarantines.

Plus, you can register now for an upcoming Future Workplace Spark Session with Anne Fulton of Fuel50, Jeanne Meister of Future Workplace and Brigin Walsh of Allied Irish Banks (AIB). Look forward to seeing you there!

September 24th from 12:00 noon to 1:30pm EDT.

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