Using Data to Inform Your Talent Decisions: TalentX Podcast


In this episode of the TalentX Podcast, Chris Havrilla shares how she thrives off seeing how tech and data can come together to make a difference for companies.

With a unique blend of technical, HR practitioner, business and vendor experience, and a proven career in doing transformation work, our conversation with Chris uncovered gems of wisdom that will help listeners to navigate this current disruption and chaos.

“We’ve got nine times more data in the last two years than has been generated in all the time before that.”
Chris Havrilla, VP HR Technology and Solution Provider

Tune in to the TalentX Podcast to learn from key thought-leaders in the talent space as they share how to lead the way in today’s career climate.

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About TalentX
The Talent Experience Podcast by Fuel50

The TalentX Podcast is all about the future of work. Fueled by a passion for creating best-in-class career experiences, and featuring leading HR analysts, industry experts and best-in-class people leaders, TalentX shines the spotlight on future-focused HR trends, workforce agility, and future-proofing the employee experience.

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