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Trending capabilities to drive sustainable diversity & inclusion in your organization

Right now, we are seeing the world stand in solidarity and committed to advancing equal human dignity and respect, diversity and inclusion (D&I), racial equality, and peace as the world has experienced a collective awakening as a result of the global Black Lives Matter Movement. This has meant diversity and inclusion has returned as a top priority for organizations.

To support you in creating sustainable D&I change, this report highlights Fuel50’s latest research on globally trending D&I capabilities to be embedded into the following three levels of workforce architecture: Individual, Leadership, and Organizational.

Fuel50 Capability Trends Report

“To achieve a shift from organizations with compliance-focused diversity to organizations with an inclusive culture, critical D&I capabilities need to be embedded.”

In this report, discover the latest capability trends from across the globe.

  • The key forces driving the need for change in D&I practices
  • How do we anticipate these events will impact the design of work in the decade ahead?
  • The importance of amplifying the right capabilities to align with these new imperatives and standards for DEIB practices

Enjoy reading! Look forward to sharing more learning with you.

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