Crucial Employee Capabilities and Skills Needed to Drive Business Strategy

People have changed, and so has our workforce.  

As we have seen this past year, the ability to redeploy employees to rapidly changing business conditions is crucial. And having workers with flexible skill sets and the willingness to adapt their skills as needed is the key to a business being able to make those critical changes. 

We’ve looked at this a lot, and we believe that the organizations that will prosper in 2021 are those that are clear on the crucial employee capabilities and skills needed to drive their business strategy and ensure it is aligned with current global forces. Those skills and behavioral attributes are detailed in Fuel50’s 2020 Capability Trends Report, and the key ones include: 

  • Agility — Today more than ever, workers need to be courageous, creative, and nimble. Flexibility and personal resilience are key.
  • Innovation — Forward-thinking organizations want employees who not only are collectively curious but can “think outside the box” and devise alternative business solutions as well.
  • Continuous Learning and Self Developing — Smart businesses not only encourage continuous learning and development, but they also recruit and hire new employees with the drive to learn and grow over time.  
Fuel50 Capability Trends Report

If we’ve learned anything from the disruptions of 2020, it’s that the future will belong to those who are flexible, agile, and resilient. Organizations that focus on both hiring for and developing those skills will not only be successful in the short run but, also well-positioned to cope with whatever business disruptions the future may bring. 

As we move into 2021workforce reskilling, workforce agility, and internal talent mobility all need to be top of mind, along with ethical AI and diversity & inclusion. 

Is your organization ready, armed, and able? 

Fuel50 is the hyper-personalized AI opportunity marketplace that enables your people to own their growth journeywith smart matches to opportunities, jobs, journeys, projects, vacancies, learning experiences, mentors, and more. For more information, please visit fuel50.com. 

Fuel50 Capability Trends Report™

This Fuel50 Capability Trends Report™ brings you the latest capability trends from across the globe. We encourage you to reflect on their relevance to your organization and hope that they inspire a vision for positive change within your own people strategy and capability requirements.

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