Vision for 2021: Let’s Focus Forward


Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful festive period and were able to enjoy some time to restrelax, and refresh ready for 2021. As we look to the year ahead, Fuel50’s vision for 2021 is that we all have the opportunity to contribute and grow our talents. To us, a fair, humanitarian, powerful, and energized work experience delivers impact for everyone – employees, organizations, and their customers. 

We are proud to partner with our 70+ clients, including NetApp, Allied Irish Banks (AIB)and Texas Health Resources, to deliver growth experiences to people all over the world. This year, and every year, it is our mission to transform the people experience by enabling people to evolve their talent and potential and to be their best at work.

Vision for 2021 Fuel50

Larry McAlisterVP of Global Talent at NetApp, shared with us his aspirational view for the talent experience in 2021. He said, “There is no going back to the way talent looks at how they experience work. My vision is to enable, through technology and leadership, everyone to feel they are doing the best work of their career at NetApp from their kitchen table.” 

Larry continued, “We need to be brave and take chances on growth and opportunity. We can’t assume there is a perfect candidate in the external marketplace when we already have someone ready to make a career leap internally.” 

Head of Strategic People Change at AIBBrigin Walsh also shared with us their vision for 2021. She said, “Our vision is that people are able to fulfill their potential. We want people to bring their best selves to work and to feel more energized and engaged as a result. As an organization, we want to make sure that we are enabling and supporting our people to do exactly that.”

We would love to hear your vision for 2021! What are your goals for this year and how can Fuel50 help you achieve them?

“2020 has been the toughest this century for us all. Let’s focus forward on a vision of a better 2021for everyone. We want to hear your vision for a great 2021.
Anne Fulton, Co-Founder and CEO of Fuel50

By understanding your values, you can set achievable and measurable goals for the year ahead that will truly benefit your life and work. To help you do this, we’re offering you free access to our FuelValues tool as a gift!

Once you have identified your values, here are three questions to help you set actionable goals for the year ahead: 

  • What is one thing that could impact your work experience positively this year? 
  • What is one thing you can do to help someone else’s future this year?
  • What talent do you want to grow this year? 

Look forward to hearing what you come up with… Here’s to an awesome 2021! 

Values & Talent Branding Research Paper

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our Values & Talent Branding Research. Values form the inner circle of the DNA of your organization. They are the frame of reference that allows you to identify not only what you do, but more critically, why. This research paper dives into the benefits of values-based management, showcasing key findings from our aggregate pool of tens of thousands of users across 100+ global organizations.

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