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The Impact of Climate Change on Workplace Skills

Organizations now play a pivotal role in helping the fight against climate change and therefore need to focus on raising environmental awareness and climate literacy across their workforces. To support you in creating sustainable environmental change, this report identifies 20 of our trending capabilities specifically associated with climate change.

If they are not doing so already, organizations need to act quickly and decisively to address this global issue and shift our economy to clean energy. This will yield significant environmental and organizational benefits.

Those organizations making a strong commitment to climate change are not only doing the right thing, but research suggests they benefit from enhanced public perceptions and attract more investors.

In this report, discover the latest capability trends from across the globe.

  • What key trends are we observing in the world?
  • How is climate change impacting the world of work?
  • Where do organizations start? What skills and capabilities do organizations need to amplify to support a climate-aware and engaged organization?

The capabilities and specialist skills highlighted in this report need to be embedded into the following three levels of workforce architecture: Individual, Leadership, and Organizational. We have also included some reflection questions to help you evaluate the importance of each capability for your organization.

Enjoy reading! Look forward to sharing more learning with you.

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