Coffee Bar Conversations Jennifer Dole

Jennifer Dole on Coffee Bar Conversations with Rick Adams

Democratization of the workforce is really about bringing these opportunities to everybody, it’s not just the elite few or the high potential employees anymore.

Watch the full discussion below, or at Coffee Bar Conversation on YouTube.

Coffee Bar Conversation with Jennifer Dole

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Fuel50 is the AI Opportunity Marketplace solution that delivers internal talent mobility and workforce reskilling. With hyper-personalized AI and a deeply embedded commitment to diversity and inclusion, Fuel50 activates your talent. Fuel50’s ethical AI matches your people to opportunities in real-time, automatically maps your workforce architecture, and provides deep data insights for predictive talent and workforce planning.

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About Coffee Bar Conversations Live with Rick Adams

A series of intimate discussions about the Customer Success profession, featuring the world’s leading CS thought leaders in conversation with  Founder & CEO Rick Adams. Each guest selects their own preferred topic to discuss with their host, and the conversation takes place in an informal “coffee bar” style format, and could in theory lead in any direction whatsoever! During the discussion the audience members are invited to submit questions, which will then be put to the guest in the final part of the session. Each month features a different guest and a different Customer Success-related topic for conversation. Attendance is FREE – just use the REGISTER to reserve your invitation to attend each event.

For more information, please visit https://hub.practicalcsm.com/new-events/live-interviews/coffee-conversations/

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