Creating An Agile Workforce Balentor Anne Fulton

Creating an Agile Workforce Webinar with Balentor

In today’s global work landscape, agile workforces, talent mobility, employee reskilling, and talent retention are headline topics on the minds of many employers. Join Fuel50 CEO and Founder Anne Fulton together with Balentor’s Business Coach Suvi Tuominiemi as they participate in the “Creating an Agile Workforce” Webinar on October 6th, at 10am UTC (1pm EEST, 6am EDT).

Together they will dive into how employers are future-proofing their organizations by building agile workforces and effective talent mobility practices, both of which give them true insight into the talent they already have, and provide employees with the fair and inclusive access to opportunity that they are looking for.

Creating An Agile Workforce Balentor Anne Fulton
Be sure to join in at fuel50.co/caaw to hear some valuable insights! We hope you enjoy the event and look forward to sharing more learning with you!

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