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Talent Mobility Conference

The final day of FuelX starts 11am ET

Fuel50’s signature event has partnered with HR.com to bring you FuelX Virtual, a digital event that brings you the power of FuelX thought-leadership and research. Register, stream live, and review all episodes on-demand!

Join FuelX live on April 13 & 14 with HR.com

Join FuelX live on April 13 & 14 with HR.com

Day 1 | Tuesday 13 April 2021 | Starts 11am ET

11AM ET | Anne Fulton, Fuel50
The New State of Play in Internal Talent Mobility

11.30AM ET | Josh Bersin, Bersin Academy
The Big Shift: From Management-Led to Marketplace-Led Talent Models

12.30PM ET | Mike Groesser, Fidelity
Grow@Fidelity: A Data-Driven Approach to Career Growth

1.30PM ET | Dr Kelly Monahan, Accenture
Unlocking the Future Workforce’s Potential: Leaving People Net Better Off

2.30PM ET | Dean Kontul & Carole Torres, KeyBank
Future Ready @ KeyBank

3.30PM ET | Employee Experience Transformation Stories
Candy Baptist, Texas Health Resources
Carolyn Rooney & Marina Sideli, Madison Square Garden

4.30PM ET | Robin Erickson & Marion Devine, The Conference Board
To AI or Not to AI in Career Management & Talent Mobility?

Day 2 | Wednesday 14 April 2021 | Starts 11am ET

11AM ET | Larry McAlister, NetApp
Thriving Anywhere: Doing the Best Work of Your Career from Your Kitchen Table

12PM ET | Denise Moulton & Julie Hiipakka, Deloitte
Talent Marketplaces: The New Journey for Workers

1PM ET | Dave Ulrich, RBL Group
Talent…Next: How to Increase the Impact of Your Talent Initiatives

2PM ET | CPO & VP Talent Panel: Workforce Transformation Stories
Kimberly Sisnett, Waystar
Dorothy Arturi, Q4
Laura Peterson, RTI

3PM ET | Mark Vickers, HR.com
Unlock Organizational Potential Through Superior Internal Mobility

3.30PM ET | Chris Havrilla, Deloitte
Accelerating the Shift to Re-Architecting Work: The Deloitte 2021 Global Human Capital Trends

4.30PM ET | Anne Fulton & Jo Mills, Fuel50
Insights into the New Era of Internal Talent Mobility

FuelX Plus 2020

Transforming the Career Experience at AIB

Brigin Walsh of AIB talks with Fuel50 and tells the story of AIB’s incredible career experience transformation, the challenges they have faced and how they have overcome them.