Feature Focus

FuelAnalytics™ is the core of Fuel50’s powerful insights and reporting. Understand teams to entire workforces on multiple levels of HR metrics through intuitive reports, accessible by one single dashboard.

FuelAnalytics™ provides a clear, adjustable lens to your organization’s demographics and key metrics. Based on the user-driven data fed into Fuel50’s powerful AI-fuelled engine from your entire workforce, you can see top career engagers, motivators, development needs, strengths, as well as understand key interest areas, leadership aspirations, and organizational maturity.

What FuelAnalytics™ includes

  • View key metrics at a glance and generate reports from one dashboard
  • Dive deeper into any data-point with key filters based on FuelFactor™  results — Values, Talents, Fit, Agility
  • Generate reports on the above, plus gigs (stretch assignments) and almost any other part of the platform

How FuelAnalytics™ helps

  • See how your workforce is tracking against organizational goals
  • Create new initiatives based on your powerful workforce data and insights
  • Better understand your workforce and the how’s and why’s of its culture and behaviours

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