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FuelFeedback™ gives your people continuous, 720° career growth through real-time, peer-validated feedback.

Part of Fuel50’s game-changing talent experience platform, FuelFeedback™ is part of our answer to 360° continuous growth and development — a crucial part of the modern workforce in today’s ongoing talent war.

Do your people get the regular feedback they need to continuously improve and advance their careers with you?

It’s time to give your people a self-powered and sustainable way to grow

Upon completing the gamified tools within Fuel50, an employee can clearly identify their skills and talents whilst also measuring their gap analysis against aspirational roles (see our career pathing feature). Then, with FuelFeedback™, employees can request, receive and give P2P (peer-to-peer) feedback on these skills and talents, helping them measure and track their growth in real-time!

  • Supports career growth plans between identifying aspirational goals and the skills required, while helping employees track their progress
  • Offers 360° employee-owned feedback so employees drive their own performance and growth
  • Provides a truly ongoing growth experience that each individual employee owns

Request continual feedback from your peers.

Give feedback to peers, subordinates, managers and coaches in real-time.

Track, record and analyse competency growth continuously.

Visual summaries, filtered views, and takes less than a minute to request and provide feedback.

Can your managers or leaders identify when someone in their team is ready for the next step in their career?

Increase your visibility to team and individual career development

By enabling a growth-based, next-gen performance development solution like FuelFeedback™, as opposed to a traditional performance management model, leaders can now clearly identify who is ready for the next step in an easy, intuitive, employee-powered way that benefits both the leader and their teams.

  • Peer-to-peer feedback helps organizations to validate self-assessment tools used by HR
  • Allows organizations to track competency and capability growth at an aggregate level
  • Leaders can use FuelFeedback™ to easily track their employees’ progress, provide support and coaching
  • Valuable feedback and timeline-based growth analytics also support leaders to have effective, skill-focussed career growth conversations with their people

What FuelFeedback™ includes

  • Employees can easily request feedback from any other colleague, leader, coach or subordinate
  • Leaders can provide unsolicited feedback to direct reports
  • Privacy settings can be applied to any feedback given (e.g. public, private, anonymous etc)
  • Feedback is visible through an intuitive visual interface including the ability to filter and drill down into each talent to see aggregate ratings from leaders, peers, and direct reports
  • Users can display their favorite feedback on their public profile page
  • Weekly digest emails keep users notified of feedback requested and recent feedback received

How FuelFeedback™ helps

  • Individuals can see how investment in their career growth pays off through peer and leader-based validation
  • Helps individuals self-assess and understand what career progression looks like
  • Builds a feedback and continuous learning culture within the entire business
  • Supports leaders in having career growth conversations based on feedback timelines and analytics

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