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Offered as either packaged or stand-alone components, FuelFactors™ are the gamified tools that helps your people understand where they are at, and where they might want to go.

FuelFactors™ are the integrated drivers of user-driven data within Fuel50. After logging into Fuel50 for the first time, your people can complete up to 4 gamified, interactive exercises that help them identify many aspects of their careers. Part of this suite of powerful tools are Values, Talents, Fit, and Agility, which can all be customized and tailored to your organization’s framework and objectives.

Prompt your people to think differently about their careers

Here’s where the career growth journey begins

There are 4 FuelFactors™ — FuelValues™, FuelTalents™, FuelFit™, and FuelAgility™  each of these tools offer your people insight into what really matters to them and gives them a clearer understanding of what their future career might look like. Each tool can be customised to align with your business frameworks, but can work out of the box as stand-alone exercises.

  • Identify what really matters to your people  their core values, motivators and skills
  • Gamified and highly-interactive exercises that can be taken and retaken any number of times
  • Feeds Fuel50’s machine-learning AI with the data it needs to generate roles within the career pathing feature
  • Each tool can be customized to fit your organization’s frameworks, objectives and projects

Values gives employees an understanding of what satisfies them at work.

Talents gathers what your people are good at, and what they like to do.

Fit defines your work-style and what that means for you and your work.

Agility analyses what stage of your career you’re at, both personally and professionally.

Empower your people to self-analyse and understand what they’re good at, so they know what they need to work on and where their strengths lie.

Create more “wow” and “ahhh” moments for your people

Every tool within the FuelFactors™ suite — Values, Talents, Fit and Agility — creates an incredibly clear understanding of strengths, weaknesses, skill-level, career stage, core values and motivators, and so much more. Most of the time, it’s something your people have never thought of and, once laid out in a visually concise way, can change their careers (and lives) for the better!

  • Present your people with a range of skills and definitions that they can sort into levels of competency
  • Learn what they’d like to improve, do more of, or do less of at work
  • Understand what matters to them on both a professional and personal level
  • Use these insights to fuel your career growth conversations

What FuelFactors™ includes

  • 4 gamified tools that can be packaged or used as stand-alone exercises
  • Card-sorting and simple questionnaire-based tools that are quick and easy
  • Tools can be customized to suit your organization’s objectives
  • Low-touch and can be integrated with your current frameworks

How FuelFactors™ helps

  • Create a culture of care and attention based on values and ethos
  • Develop an attractive employer brand by giving your people the tools they need to grow
  • Give your leaders powerful insights into what drives their teams
  • Let your people begin their self-driven career growth journeys

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