Fuel50 Feature Focus

FuelFutures™ supports your people’s careers and futures beyond your organization — outplacement, redundancies, and workforce re-engineering.

A stand-alone or integrated offering from Fuel50, FuelFutures™ solves outplacement and redundancies at a time where reskilling, restructuring, and retrenchment are impacting your workforce. Change is real and staying agile is more important now more than ever. Support your talent during phases of transition by connecting them with opportunities that aligns to their strengths, and give them the support they need to transition easily.

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    Outplacement and redundancies

    FuelFutures is a unique, easy to implement and fully-scalable solution to help your people transition with care whilst maintaining brand equity

    Integrate with job boards

    Allow your people to smart-match with roles and opportunities via job-boards like Indeed or Seek based on their skills, talents, values and more

    Support career growth and learning

    Give your people the career development support they need to make that transition and give them in-the-moment coaching, advice, resources and access to learning modules

    Now more than ever, we need to look after each other. With so much instability across the globe right now — from trade and oil wars, stock exchange unpredictability, and the ever-increasing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic — how do you find the cure for what lies ahead for your business and your employees?

    This unstable landscape causes organizations to be much more frugal with their workforce efficiency, and can lead to business-wide restructuring, retrenchments or redunancies

    In times of change, Fuel50’s FuelFutures™ supports your employees to transition to new opportunities,  find a next step career move, and prepare for a future that leverages their skills, talents, values and more. Quickly deploy your redundancy support at scale, at low cost while maintaining your brand equity.

    AI-driven career matching to roles and opportunities with job board integrations, supporting redundancies and easier outplacement

    Employees can access virtual help 24/7 with our intuitive FuelHelper chat-bot as well as access to live career coaches

    Give employees access to skill development modules with integrations to LinkedIn Learning or Degreed while they transition to a new future

    Support your people and maintain brand equity with custom online portals and resource libraries to aid transitions delivered by our resident careers experts led by Dr Amy Centers, PhD

    Help your people quickly find new career tracks and opportunities

    Support targeted career decisions and research into live opportunities that match to their talents

    Employees utilize the gamified FuelFactors to create their profile — values, talents, skills and more — which is then fed into an AI-driven machine (based on our award-winning career pathing solution) which matches them to roles and opportunities via popular job sites such as Seek or Indeed. Employees can then add attractive opportunities to their target roles, see their skills gaps, and see their career journey based on this transition.

    FuelFutures goes beyond outplacement and retrenchment, giving your people the learning and career development they need to make the next step

    Prepare your employees to market their skills and talents and be job-ready

    With FuelFutures, you can support your people to find job information that will assist your impacted employees to prepare a best response to live opportunities by tailoring their CV to new job roles beyond their current role. Help your employees understand and articulate their market-ready skills and talents to enhance their LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and ability to communicate with recruiters.

    Future-proof your organization, future-proof your employees

    Help your people create a plan that will future-proof their careers and future

    Utilize Fuel50’s career goals solution, FuelGoals, which is embedded in this future-proofing solution. This tool helps keep momentum on short or longer-term career goals, building capability or progressing job search or study plans.

    • Employees can create concise visions and profiles
    • Users can add new goals and track progress on existing goals
    • Leaders have an insight and can support them with their goals
    • Option to link to online learning portals like LinkedIn Learning to support with career development, talent growth and goal progression

    What FuelFutures™ includes

    • The full suite of Fuel50’s gamified FuelFactors
    • Customized career pathing with integrations to job boards
    • See personalized career journeys and role-to-role transitions
    • Support with skills gaps and matched learning modules
    • Help users set goals and support them in their transitions
    • 1-1 career support with virtual career coaching teams (optional)
    • Outplacement, redeployment and transition-focused resource library
    • FuelHelper chat-bot to create fast and efficient transitions

    How FuelFutures™ helps

    • Stay agile during pressure situations
    • Support your people with care during outplacement and redundancies
    • Give your people valued learning opportunities and help them stay relevant
    • Solve reskilling, restructuring, and re-engineering with an all-in-one, scalable solution
    • Build brand equity and be the organization that cares about its people
    • Support your employees beyond role-matching