Fuel50 Feature Focus

FuelMarketplace™ is your internal talent marketplace that supports redeployment, gigs, employee mobility, and agile career growth.

The latest challenge-focused package from Fuel50, FuelMarketplace™ supports redeployment at a time where talent mobility is of the highest priority for organizations looking to survive these challenging times. This internal talent marketplace solution is designed to help businesses like yours to not only survive, but thrive.

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Redeployment opportunities

FuelMarketplace smart-matches your employees based on their ranked talents to internal redeployment opportunities

Gig assignments

Create gig networks and assignments that allow employees to find recommended gigs across their organization

Talent mobility and insights

Leaders and HR can build powerful teams from existing talent using Fuel50’s talent matrix and insights


Fuel50’s FuelMarketplace supports organizations with workforce redeployment, re-engineering and re-skilling

Support your workforce planning and redeployment with Fuel50’s AI engine — employees can smart-match with redeployment opportunities, while leaders have insights they need to plan and build their teams

Introducing Fuel50’s FuelMarketplace – the internal talent mobility solution that supports your people with short-term redeployment, gigs, and helps your leaders build teams based on best talent-fit. A complete internal marketplace, employees can also access post-assignment feedback, find mentors, and connect to your LMS in real-time for role-based career development.

Fuel50’s AI engine smart-matches employees to redeployment opportunities based on their ranked skills and talents

Employees can see their skills gaps for redeployment opportunities and can access mentors and real-time learning to prepare them for potential moves

Easily create, post and sign up for temporary gig assignments across the organization with post-assignment 360° feedback

HR and leaders are supported with team-building for projects and workforce planning with Fuel50’s talent mobility matrix and insights

Fully-automated AI matches your people to internal redeployment opportunities

Fuel50’s FuelMarketplace utilizes the same smart-AI engine that powers Fuel50’s next-gen career pathing, journeys and unique role-matching

Employees utilize the gamified FuelFactors to create their profile — values, talents, skills and more — which is then fed into an AI-driven machine (based on our award-winning career pathing solution) which matches them to roles and opportunities via popular job sites such as Seek or Indeed. Employees can then add attractive opportunities to their target roles, see their skills gaps, and see their career journey based on this transition.

Gig networks that support your temporary assignments

Gigs are ideal for temporary project solutions and team re-assignments

In addition to smart-matching to role opportunities, employees can find and apply for gigs created by leaders, managers or HR for almost any assignment based on any criteria — organization survival meets career development and next-gen employee mobility!

Talent mobility matrix fuels workforce planning

After employees have ranked their skills and talents validated by peer-to-peer feedback and explored redeployment opportunities, HR and leaders can see talent-based trends and insights and build teams based on ranked talent-fit.

Plus mentoring, feedback and analytics

Part of the FuelMarketplace package, Fuel50’s marketplace includes mentoring (find and become a mentor), 360 feedback (place and request post-assignment feedback), and talent mobility analytics (trends to help fuel strategic decisions).

What FuelMarketplace™ includes

How FuelMarketplace™ helps

  • Increase workforce agility and talent mobility
  • Create temporary internal redeployment
  • Gigs support temporary assignments of any sort
  • Support your employee career development
  • Future-proof your workforce with agile survival tactics