Fuel50 Feature Focus

FuelMobility™ enables managers to create and nurture a pipeline of talent and promote greater career mobility within their teams

FuelMobility™ changes the way leaders manage their teams. Delving beyond Fuel50’s powerful FuelLeaders dashboard, this succession feature encourages leaders to take control of their succession pipe and build a pool of talent they can tap into.

What FuelMobility™ includes

  • Add potential candidates to your pipeline for quick reference later
  • Search people in your company and evaluate them against a role in your team
  • Doesn’t rely on users having completed anything (AI infers talents from the users’ role)
  • Get notified of the actions of your teams based on their movements within their own profiles
  • Filter by key areas like fitgeographic location, etc
  • Identify and track best-fit candidates for your teams and projects

How FuelMobility™ helps

  • Create pools of on-demand talent that can be tracked and tapped into at any time
  • See key risk areas in your teams with advanced warnings that action might be required
  • Helps leaders to think internal first and tap into talent that they may not have considered previously