Fuel50 Feature Focus

FuelPerform™ is part of the next wave of performance management and career tracking solutions that focuses on progression and learning

FuelPerform™ allows leaders to set performance objectives and actions for their people, and monitors individual performance against these objectives. This is the answer to next-gen performance management, where transparency and a clear dialogue around goal-setting and tracking is proven to be more effective than traditional methods.

What FuelPerform™ includes

  • Easily accessible from within the FuelLeaders™ dashboard
  • Leaders can add and manage objectives for direct reports
  • Leaders can also link their own goals to their team members’ goals
  • Track, rate, and change the status of goals as they progress
  • Employees can view their assigned objectives, add actions, and share their wins
  • Employees can easily toggle between their FuelGoals™ and development plans
  • Generate and print reports quickly and easily

How FuelPerform™ helps

  • Establish a transparent approach to objective-setting and encourage clear dialogue
  • Adopt in-the-moment, next-gen performance management methods
  • By housing your performance management solution within a gamified, career growth-centric platform like Fuel50, you can transform your performance approach into one that is embraced by your employees