Fuel Talent Agility

Get agile with Fuel50’s AI Talent Marketplace

Empower your people, drive talent mobility and create workforce transparency — all with a one-stop AI talent marketplace. Surface talent data to support HR with strategic talent and workforce decisions.

Fuel50 has reimagined talent agility and workforce mobility.

What is Fuel50’s Talent Marketplace?

It’s time to mobilize your workforce. Fuel50’s Talent Marketplace uses ethically-enhanced AI to smart-match your people to learning, gigs, mentors, vacancies and projects. With Fuel50, your experience is unique to you (like your fingerprint). As you build your career DNA within Fuel50, your talent marketplace experience continually evolves too.

Democratized talent and the “Age of the Agile Workforce” is here.

Brigin Walsh

Senior OE Consultant, Allied Irish Bank (AIB)

AIB won the award for ‘Champion Use of Innovative Technology in HR’ at the Irish HR Champion Awards

“Fuel50 brought our internal jobs landscape to life, showing employees who they are matters. Fuel50 supports our talent retention, attraction, knowing our bench-strength, L&D planning and solution design, employee engagement — we could go on and on!”

Fuel50 has transformed the talent experience and replaced legacy talent systems, for good.

Talent Agility

Power your agile workforce with learning, mentors, gigs, projects, 360 feedback, leader coaching, goal-setting and objectives — all within a personalized one-stop talent marketplace.

AI Hyper-Matching

Fuel50’s specialized AI not only powers your talent marketplace’s DNA-fueled smart-matching, but is ethically-enhanced with layers of zero-bias, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Squad Building

See your talent like never before. Know your bench-strength, build talent pipelines, predict skills shortages, map out your workforce and fill squads quickly and easily.

Reskilling & Upskilling

Give your people access to real-time learning and career development opportunities to level-up their careers, enabling organization-wide talent future-proofing.

One-Stop Marketplace

Fuel50’s talent marketplace shows suggested matches straight out of the box. Connect your LinkedIn, upload your resume, interact with the personalization tools — Fuel50 evolves with you.

Evolve Your DNA

Evolve and transform your career DNA with Fuel50’s talent marketplace. Align your people to your organization’s DNA and ensure no talent or skill is left unseen or unused.

People agility meets organizational agility

Fuel50’s AI Talent Marketplace supports workforce agility and talent mobility like no other. Fuel50 powers your organization across three key lenses — the Employee, Leaders and Managers, and HR.

  • Give Employees the career transparency they crave — a clear sight-line to opportunities and career development within the organization.
  • Create world-class Leaders and Managers by surfacing critical talent data to support their team-building, have effective coaching conversations, and identify retention risks.
  • Equip HR with the insights, data and analytics they need to truly know their workforce, make strategic business decisions, identify workforce skills gaps, and create an employer brand that stands out from the pack.

Revolutionize talent and workforce agility with Fuel50.

Gary O’Connor

VP Head of Learning, Ericsson

Ericsson solved career pathing and career transparency using Fuel50

“Fuel50 provides our organization with a career platform that drives better employee engagement and increased motivation for our people. Fuel50 also provides insights to talent gaps for our business requirements.”

See how it works

Fuel50 is the fastest-growing AI talent marketplace that connects your people to learning, vacancies, gigs, mentors and projects within a hyper-personalized employee experience. Let us show you the future of your organization.

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