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This is an energy company that supplies fuel to retail customers and large commercial customers like airlines, trucking companies, mines, shipping companies and vehicle fleet operators. They also provide bitumen to roading contractors and manufacture ingredients used in detergents and other household products. Valued at IPO in 2013 at 1.4 billion.

[us_testimonial author=”HR Manager” company=””]We have worked with Career Engagement Group this year utilizing the Fuel50 CareerDrive™ for our employees and to up skill our people leaders in career coaching. Our Fuel50 OD Business partner worked with us to develop and deliver a ‘train the trainer’ program for three internal people leaders (myself included) so that we could facilitate Powerful Career Conversations for Managers workshops across our business.[/us_testimonial]





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Right from the beginning in 2010, this organization decided to do things differently. They set out to be known as an extraordinary, world-class company that attracts and grows a team of extraordinary people to help them get there.

In order to achieve its strategic objectives in 2013 and beyond, this organization was looking for an increase in people engagement (as measured by Aon Hewitt). An area of focus was needed in areas relating to meaningful career conversations and perceptions of career opportunities internally.

Doing things a bit differently and wanting to attract and retain extraordinary people led them to Career Engagement Group’s Fuel50 as a software and service solution. Any solution had to fit this organizations extraordinary way of doing things and be integrated with other programs and processes already established.

A branded Fuel50 CareerDrive™, coupled with internally run Fuel50 designed workshops led to managers having career conversations with half of all employees in the first year of the program. This alone has seen a sizable shift in the companies Aon Hewett Engagement Results career related questions.


Branded Fuel50 CareerDrive™ license using all 5 exercises and career planning


Powerful Career Conversations for Leaders Workshop materials downloaded from Fuel50


Career Coach Accreditation program for internal leader-facilitators


Fuel50 worked alongside this innovative firm to create a program that was fully owned and delivered to managers by internal Leader-Facilitators.

Our role involved supporting those leaders with licensed training material and coaching to increase competence and confidence to run these sessions. In order to best enable this initiative we supplied the licensed material to the Fuel50 Powerful Career Conversations for Leaders workshop program, coupled with coaching accreditation for each leader-facilitator. The reason for this approach was simple:

  • Leaders-training-leaders – Fuel50 provided the program IP and support, internal leaders ran the Powerful Conversations workshops.
  • The content was adjusted by internal facilitators to align with internal culture and processes.
  • Coach accreditation was a key part of the program – the leader-facilitators wanted to experience what it felt like to be career coached and to coach others in an authentic way before showing managers in the business how to do this.
  • Honing their own coaching skills allowed them to best support issues and any questions dung the manager workshops.


Increase in engagement impact, according to the Aon Hewitt results for managers believe they have the tools, resources and support to hold meaningful career conversations with their people.



Half of all employees have utilized the company branded Fuel50 site to complete online exercises and career planning.



Approximately 45% of employees have had a career conversation with their manager to date.