A Discussion About the Mercer Global Talent Trends Report

Featuring Kate Bravery - Mercer

Join Fuel50 and Mercer as we discuss the timely release of the Mercer Global Talent Trends Report, helping you to make sense of a post-pandemic world. With headwinds to navigate, companies are looking for a beacon to guide their actions. Drawing on input from 7,300+ C-Suite executives, HR leaders, and employees across 34 countries, Mercer's latest study reveals how organizations are transforming the workforce and workplace.

77% of executives believe freelance and gig workers will substantially replace full-time employees within the next five years. (Page 17, Mercer Global Talent Trends Report)

Kate Bravery

Global Solutions Leader
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By comparing what enables people to feel they are thriving and energized, and by taking note of what organizations are doing to effectively balance economics and empathy, the study identifies four trends that will enable companies to stay ahead in 2020.

  • Focus on Futures: Work together to ensure people thrive
  • Race to Reskill: Transform the workforce
  • Sense with Science: See ahead by augmenting AI with human intuition
  • Energize the Experience: Inspire and invigorate people