Capability-Driven Workforce Transformation

Creating a Talent Marketplace with Josh Bersin & Fuel50

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    There are emerging capabilities that have changed radically in the last 3 months, meaning that many architectures designed even 6 months ago need to be updated. How does an organization stay agile with so much change and, at the same time, make the best possible talent decisions when heading into an unknown future?

    These new imperatives and driving forces on talent mobility will be shared in light of current business demands and emerging capability trends as we ride a tsunami of global change.

    Learn and discuss:

    • 3 approaches to talent mobility – traditional vs facilitated vs agile
    • Power of AI-driven talent matching
    • Agile career architecture building
    • How the best organizations are staying agile
    • Reskilling and re-engineering at scale

    We now understand, thanks to the Pandemic, that work is all about empowerment, safety, development, and agility. Our organizations have to hire people based on potential and culture, we need to give people the tools and support to succeed, we need to create a work experience which supports the entire person, and we have to create clarity of mission and goals.

    Josh Bersin

    Global Industry Analyst
    Bersin Academy

    New talent imperatives are emerging. The return to work is a reality for many, while the return to normal is not. Capability-matching intelligence is needed to support organizations to get the right talent back into position, knowing that workforce agility demands will continue to evolve fast in the foreseeable future.