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AI-powered talent mobility platform that will future-proof your workforce Josh Bersin Bersin Academy One of the vendors that pioneered the internal mobility market is Fuel50
Discover FuelFutures Fuel50 cares about
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Fuel50 supports your people's careers beyond your organization. Outplacement, redundancies, and workforce re-engineering, supported. Discover FuelFutures Fuel50's FuelFutures is an outsourcing service to help employees and companies find new positions and provide coaching on career advice. Something a lot of people could use right now. Josh Bersin Bersin Academy
Fuel50 is the future of work Fuel50 is the
future of work
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Capability-Driven Workforce Transformation

Fuel50 talks with Josh Bersin on the state of the “global pandemic workforce” and how organizations can stay agile at scale and keep up with the new wave of career architecture reform.


TalentX Podcast

The TalentX Podcast by Fuel50 is all about the future of work. Learn from leading HR analysts and industry influencers as they share how to lead the way in today’s career climate.


Mercer Global Talent Trends

Join Fuel50 and Mercer as we discuss the timely release of the Mercer Global Talent Trends Report, helping you to make sense of a post-pandemic world.

Fuel50 supports your internal talent mobility

Powered by our leading AI engine, Fuel50 matches employees to internal career opportunities, vacancies and gig assignments based on their skills and talents, whilst giving HR powerful workforce data to make strategic business decisions

AI-driven workforce agility is powered by Fuel50

Agile organizations use Fuel50 to build a best-in-class talent experience ⁠— redeployment, workforce re-engineering, re-skilling, building gig networks and talent pipelines, as well as supporting their outplacement and redundancy strategies

AI Career Pathing

Get AI-powered “smart matches” to internal opportunities based on your skills and talents

Gap Analysis

Skills gap analysis shows what you need to work on to make your next move

AI Talent Mobility

AI helps build your ideal talent pipeline based on best talent-fits and other criteria

Gigs & Opportunities

Ultimate workforce agility supported by AI-driven opportunties and gigs


Find a mentor and be a mentor to others in your organization

360° Feedback

Employees can request feedback from their peers and leaders

Career Goals

Create and manage your careers aligned with your business strategy and development plans


Powerful analytics and insights power workforce strategy and support business decisions

I think we’ve figured it out. It’s what I call the Talent Marketplace. Fuel50 have been doing career management solutions for years and now they have a talent marketplace offering.

Josh Bersin, Bersin Academy
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AI-Powered Career Pathing

AI helps employees take charge of their careers and their futures

Fuel50 gives your people a gamified way of connecting with themselves and their career, finding a stronger sense of purpose with their organization and work. Fuel50 gives users a personalized view to internal career moves, and shows them how to get there, with direct access to learning, goals tracking, and much more.

Internal Talent Mobility

Agile and fully-mobilized workforces are powered by Fuel50

Workforce agility is built on Fuel50’s powerful AI and internal talent mobility features to support your internal talent marketplace. Give employees insight to internal (and external) opportunities, leaders can build and manage teams and talent pools, and you can align business decisions against powerful workforce analytics.

Integrated Workforce Agility

We care about you — support your people beyond your organization

Overcome workforce challenges. Fuel50’s FuelFutures solves outplacement and redeployment at a time where reskilling, restructuring, and re-engineering are impacting your workforce. Change is real and staying agile is more important now more than ever.

Fuel50 is loved by some of the world’s leading brands

Fuel50 is trusted by global industry-leading companies, many of which of the Fortune 500. We’ve made huge impact to their career experiences and bottom line, solving challenges ranging from employee engagement, career pathing, and talent retention, to career framework and talent blueprint optimization, to agility, coaching and diversity. We’re proud to say Fuel50 clients have the most agile workforces in the world!

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