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Host of Workhuman Radio Mike Wood sat down (virtually) with Fuel50 CEO, Anne Fulton to discuss career agility. Having co-authoring The Career Engagement Game: Shaping Careers for an Agile Workforce with Jo Mills a few years back, this is a topic she is well-versed in.

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As highlighted by Anne, talent dynamics have radically changed. Much of this lively discussion is centered around the new career currency: skills. Hiring isn’t a priority for organizations now, so instead they are needing to look internally for skills and to find their talent. Anne shares why reskilling is important, the top skills uncovered in the Fuel50 Capabilities Trends Research Report and what the emerging new roles for HR are.

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Fuel50 Capability Trends Report

Fuel50 Capability Trends Report™

This report is designed to help organizations harness the latest global capability insights to ensure that your organizational talent strategy is beautifully aligned to the current driving global forces.

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