Anne Fulton on the Now of Work Digital Meetup

Leapgen’s Now Of Work Digital Meetup with Jason Averbook and Jess Von Bank recently featured Fuel50 Founder and CEO Anne Fulton as their special guest. Anne joined them to chat about how the AI-powered talent mobility Fuel50 platform helps organizations do what they are dying to do: make better use of their people.

They discussed ensuring ethical AI, creating an inclusive talent economy, employee ownership of careers, organization agility, people science, talent marketplaces, data analytics and more!

If you want to learn more about putting people first – this is a meetup to tune in to.

Now Of Work Digital Meetup

About the Now Of Work Digital Meetup 

The NOW Digital Meetup occurs weekly every Friday at 10am PT / 1PM ET

2020 served as the greatest digital accelerant of our lifetime. The Future of Work became the Now of Work overnight. Global health and social pandemics necessitated greater empathy, values-driven leadership, digital transformation, the humanization of technology, and a deeper sense of both connection and safety.

The Now of Work is a movement to better serve humanity by humanizing work. Leapgen’s Digital Meetup celebrates the opportunity in all of that. Join Jason Averbook and Jess Von Bank every Friday for lively conversation, uplifting community, and inspiration.

Fuel50 Talent Mobility Benchmarking Study

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