Future of Work Fuel50 Research

NEW: Fuel50 Research Findings on The Future of Work (Part 2)

Fuel50 research has explored how talent mobility experiences differ across high-performing organizations. This report “The Future of Work: Strategic Priorities of HR Best in Class Organizations vs the Rest” is the second of a six-part series detailing the key findings from our research study and extensive analysis of workforce and talent mobility trends.

In our new best practice research study, we categorized high performance in two ways – “Business Performance” and “HR Best in Class.” Read more about our research design and audience here.

We have found a strong link between “HR Best in Class” and “Business Performance” (r =.443** p < .001). This provides a compelling reason for organizations to implement the tactics and focus areas highlighted in this report to drive enhanced HR practices – leading to increased business performance.

Future of Work Fuel50 Research

With the world of work evolving so rapidly, we wanted to explore what strategic HR priorities and business practices organizations are focusing on now and what they intend to focus on for the future.

We asked HR Leaders across the globe what their top strategic HR priorities are for the next two years. What we found was that “HR Best in Class” organizations are prioritizing the future of work.

Enjoy reading this brand-new research report from Fuel50! We are so excited to share our best practice findings with you.

Future of Work Fuel50 Research

Fuel50 Research Design

The goals of the study were as follows:

  • To understand current trends in internal talent mobility and workforce
    reskilling across the globe
  • To learn what best-in-class career growth and talent mobility looks like today
  • To ascertain the key imperatives for talent mobility in the coming decade

Read more about our research design and audience here.

Future of Work Fuel50 Research


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