Meet Fuel50, the future of work.

Creating a fully-mobilized talent experience for your people is the future of work.

We’re seeing a completely changed career landscape, and according to Bersin by Deloitte’s predictions, organizations need to be built around highly empowered employees and teams with employee-centric learning models, enabling and supporting a career-growth mindset. With Fuel50, the fastest-growing talent experience platform, you can truly evolve your workforce for the future.

Fuel50 is award-winning career path software

Evolve your talent.

Empower your employees and give them the keys to their careers. Fuel50 helps your people understand what their career drivers are and creates engaging career pathways built on next-gen AI, ultimately producing a thriving community of talent within your organization.

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Fuel50 is award-winning career path software

Evolve your mindset.

Enable your leaders to easily spark powerful career conversations with their people. With Fuel50’s intuitive reporting and feature-rich analytics, leaders can see key insights on their teams and, with the help of our resources, can have engaging growth conversations with their people.

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Fuel50 is award-winning career path software

Evolve your entire workforce.

Give your human resources, organizational development, and team leaders throughout the business visibility to everyone’s career drivers, succession risk areas, and engagement levers to support and initiate higher-level strategy and business initiatives.

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70% of employees leave due to a lack of career development.

Randstad Employee Survey

2 out of every 3 millennials expect career development.

The Millennial Survey (Deloitte)

Discover your workforce’s career DNA through next-gen artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Best-in-class AI-powered algorithms support the transformation of your organization

Fuel50’s award-winning technology built on world-class artificial intelligence in such a way that it becomes a living, breathing part of your business. As your career frameworks are built into the platform and your people begin feeding their career-based data points into Fuel50, the machine learns, evolves and adapts — constantly giving your leaders access to analytics and insights, and giving your employees windows of opportunity no matter where they’re at in their careers.

Gamified tools that help your people easily identify and understand their career drivers.

No more outdated assessments — go gamified with FuelFactors™

Fuel50’s FuelFactors™ are set of intuitive, gamified tools that help the employee start their career journey with Fuel50. Employees can take and retake these tools at any point as their careers grow, and the platform will mature and evolve with them by offering new career pathways to new opportunities thanks to our super smart machine-learning algorithms.

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Easily setup and integrate, and start impacting bottom-line metrics right out of the box.

A fully-customized experience with the case studies to back it up

Just because Fuel50 is so multi-faceted and feature-rich doesn’t mean it’s hard to implement, and we can prove it! Fuel50 hooks into your current HR-based systems through custom APIs and captures the data you have already. From Single Sign-On (SSO) to integration capabilities with almost every HRIS, to being one of the most secure and compliant platforms available.

Fuel50 is completely customizable, incredibly low-touch, and boasts scalable, self-sufficient frameworks that are simple and hugely sustainable for any business, any industry, any size. Along the entire implementation journey, you’ll have the entire Fuel50 team supporting you and backing you every step of the way as well!

Proven impact and real-life case studies — we let the metrics do the talking.

We’re not just a pretty face, we’re the real deal!

Fuel50 works right out of the box. In fact, our clients (many of the Fortune 500) have achieved engagement uplifts of 3-30% within only 12 months of launch. Others have seen uptake in metrics around career conversations, company-wide engagement, reductions in voluntary attrition, and some have even won some awesome awards too!

Company-wide engagement (3-30%)30%
Meaningful career conversations (+30%)30%
Engagement uplifts (+40%)40%

More motivated to pursue opportunities within the business


More motivated to take on additional challenges


Increase in internal mobility over two years


Reduction in turnover within 3 months of launch


Global Diversity Award (Top Australasian Bank)


Great Places to Work Top 100 Companies (Top US Health Organization)