Fuel50 Feature Focus

FuelMentor™ is a full-cycle mentor experience feature — create a thriving talent development culture with the support and guidance of others

FuelMentor™ enables your employees to find and access mentors within the organization, and request mentorship at key stages of their career. Users can easily add themselves as mentors, and can utilize the FuelLeaders™ dashboard to coach and support their mentees.

What FuelMentor™ includes

  • Mentors and mentees opt-in to the FuelMentor™ feature through an eligibility process
  • Mentees are suggested mentors by the AI-based matchmaking engine
  • Suggested mentors are based on your talent and skill development needs
  • Mentees can search for criteria and apply through custom questionnaires
  • Mentors can adjust their profile’s visibility based on their current mentor status
  • Through LeaderView™ mentors can track coaching progress and add notes

How FuelMentor™ helps

  • Improve your culture of user-driven development and growth
  • Support internal monitoring without needing to provide a moderated matching service
  • Encourages mentoring that supports your people to focus on developing core capabilities
  • Allows your people to tap into key career drivers at crucial career and role stages
  • Enable experience staff to broaden their business impact
  • Introduce reverse mentoring by allowing mentees to filter for key areas of growth